Accommodation Services


Philosophy: To ensure that individuals have appropriate homes that they are able to call their own. 

Purpose: To provide support and training to assist people to live in the community and to become independent responsible citizens.

The Residential Program offers support in various settings.

The current services offered are:

Group Homes: Provide support to individuals with a variety of needs, with opportunities and training for personal growth.
Enriched Supported Independent Living: Homes that require less support than required in a group home setting, and provide opportunities for self-directed living.
Supported Independent Living: Homes and apartments rented in the community by the individuals living in them. Support provided is self-directed and ideally can be up to seven (7) hours per week, per individual.
Seniors: Homes that provide support to individuals who have retired. The primary focus is leisure activities, good health and enjoyment of retirement years.

Family Home

The Family Home Program provides support to adults and children with developmental disabilities who have chosen to live within a family setting by:

  • Selecting and training reliable FAMILY HOME PROVIDERS and RELIEF PROVIDERS.
  • Matching individuals with families.
  • Providing financial reimbursement.
  • Promoting family and community unity.
  • Providing assistance to find appropriate services to meet individual needs.
  • Providing assistance to the Home-sharer in establishing and reaching personal goals.

It is the goal of the Family Home Program to provide all adult applicants with a supported integrated, yet independent living option– that is, the opportunity to live as part of a family in their own community.