Children’s Services

Resource Teacher Program

Our mandate is to serve children 2 to 6 years of age who have one or more delays or are at risk of delay in any of the following areas of development: motor development (fine and gross motor); language development (expressive and receptive); cognitive development; social, emotional, or self help areas or development. Children must be either attending or willing to attend a licensed pre-school setting or Family Resource Centre (drop-in), or be enrolled in J.K. or S.K.

Children with special needs are enrolled and integrated into community pre-school programs with the help of the Resource Teacher. The Resource Teacher also visits the child and family in their home to continue the program there.

The Resource Teacher acts as a case manager with the family and assists the family in accessing services for the child: school, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, behavioural services, medical services, etc. They also assist the family in accessing financial supports available to them for their child: Assistance for Children with Severe Difficulties, Special Services at Home, Assistance Devices Program, Easter Seals, Respite Services, Daycare Subsidy, Child Care Program Assistants. 

The Resource Teacher assists families in integrating their children with special needs into licensed community pre-school programs and:

  • Designing appropriate programs to meet the child’s specific developmental needs.
  • Connecting community services.
  • Obtaining appropriate funding when applicable.
  • Consulting with community personnel.
  • Advocating and promoting the philosophy of integration.

Family Support And Outreach Program

The Family Support Program is designed to support families with children three to eighteen years that are developmentally disabled. Case workers assist families to maintain their child at home and in the community by:

  •  Helping families access appropriate services to meet their child’s specific needs including respite, financial assistance, counseling, behavioral therapy, occupational and physiotherapy and Special Services at Home.
  • Providing emotional support.
  • Empowering families to be advocates for their children.
  • Working with families to help them establish goals for their child, and work towards the achievement of the goals through support and involvement with community agencies.
  • Support families with their relationship with the child’s school.

The Outreach component is designed to provide support to families in remote areas of the district who may not otherwise have access to services.